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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whale Strandings in New Zealand

As the international media follow the exciting Japan/Australia/Greenpeace/Sea Shepherd drama, New Zealand is the site of a whale tragedy.

Fifteen pilot whales died today after being stranded on a beach in New Zealand, and more were still at risk.

The dead whales were found beached in two areas of Farewell Spit, a strip of sand on the country's South Island.

Rescuers managed to refloat another 15 of the mammals and are monitoring their progress toward safer waters.

Scientists are unable to explain why whales strand, but some believe it is caused by disorientation in their sonar sounding systems.

Photo by ahisgett.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was amazed to read about the excessive number of whales that are
beached around the coast of New Zealand, 15 in one day? And I think I
recall reading 700 per year? What on earth is causing this tradegy?

We have had a couple of  
on the east coast of Britain in the past couple of
years. It is said that the whales 'lost their way, entered the narrow
strip of the North Sea and couldn't escape again.

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