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Thursday, January 24, 2008

London Police Arrest 14 Year Old Anti-Whaling Protester

Sophie Wyness and her father were arrested after tying themselves to a bannister inside the Japanese Embassy in London. Just the kind of publicity the Japanese need for their barbaric practice.

The pair was charged with criminal trespass and will appear in court on February 6.

"I honestly think that me having a criminal record is not a big price to pay when what the whales are going through is so much worse," Sophie said, according to the British Press Association.

The teenager took action after watching a film about the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza - which is disrupting the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.

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Anonymous said...

If you people really care about stopping the japanese from hunting whales, then do something about it that would hurt them if they continue! Do something that would force the Japanese Government too stop the practice! BOYCOTT ALL JAPANESE GOODS until they stop whaling!

The Japanese people, as a whole, if they do not act to prevent such a thing as whaling, must be held responsible for the actions of the few who are actually carrying out such acts, especially if they do not even try to stop it.

Narcistic Narwhal

xSophiex said...

hi anonymous

this is the same sophie wyness

If you listened to any of the interviews i gave, you will know that I said
"Im calling to the British public to put a boycott on all Japanese goods"
They just cut that bit out of most of the online supports, so that shows I agree with you there!

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