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Monday, January 7, 2008

Japanese Film Criticizes Aussies for Kangaroo Treatment

Now things are getting really ugly between these two countries. A Japanese film posted on YouTube is accusing Australia of all sorts of things, including mistreatment of its own native wildlife and racism towards Asians and Aborigines.

However, there is truth buried in the film about the treatment of kangaroos.

How best to humanely kill kangaroos and wallabies is a matter of intense debate. The latest code of conduct proposed by the federal government recommends blasting adults with a shotgun at close range.

The department of environment guide recommends "forcefully swinging" the heads of joeys, or young kangaroos, against a vehicle.

The government advises that dead female kangaroos must have their pouches examined for joeys "and if one is present it must also be killed."

"Decapitation with a sharp instrument in very small hairless young or a properly executed heavy blow to destroy the brain in larger young are effective means of causing sudden and painless death."

Photo by Zinnie.

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