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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Does Mike Huckabee Eat Horsemeat Too?

Mike Huckabee is the gift that keeps on giving. If his alleged statement is true, I'd like to know if there ANYTHING or ANYONE this man won't eat!

United Animal Nations(UAN) today asked presidential candidate and Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabeeto educate himself about horse slaughter and reconsider consuming a Dutch horsemeat dish, which he recently described as tasting "like chicken."

According to Washington Wire, a blog from The Wall Street Journal's Capital Bureau, Huckabee made the comment on December 21, 2007, when speaking with a group of reporters in eastern Iowa. The blog entry suggested that Huckabee was perhaps pandering to the Dutch Iowan vote when he mentioned several of his favorite Dutch foods, including one made from horsemeat.

Photo by lauren victoria burke.

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