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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Royal Marines Rescue Dogs

OK, I'm sure there are much more important stories in the world, but I just thought this was kind of cool.

The dogs were hidden in the back of trucks for three days, escaping the attention of the Taliban and dog thieves, and had to swap vehicles on several occasions to evade discovery.

After being flown 3,500 miles to England and spending six months in quarantine, the pair, Nowzad and Tali, are living at the home of 42 Commando's Sgt Paul "Penny" Farthing 38, and his wife Lisa, 34.

Sgt Farthing, of Exmouth, Devon, said: "Nowzad and Tali have changed my life beyond all recognition and I know theirs has changed too."

Photo by Stoic

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