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Monday, April 30, 2007

Melamine in Animal Feed

So it appears that the Chinese are adding Melamine to animal feed in order to fool the protein content readings. Great.

Animal Abuse Database

This is an interesting animal abuse directory. It has a clickable map where you can see cases by state. It has international info as well.

Sumatran Rhino Born

A baby Sumatran rhino was born this Sunday. That makes number 3 for the mother, which has never been done by one in captivity.

Humane Society Rates Cities

How humane is your city? The Humane Society rates them. Lots of flash animation FYI.

Elephant Poaching "Rampant" in India

244 elephants killed in the last year in India.

Tainted Animal Feed From China

Here is an article about tainted animal feed from China. Looks like it's not uncommon.

Go Astros!

I wish more pro sports teams would do this kind of thing.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

List of Federal Animal Protection Statutes

This is a comprehensive list of animal protection statutes. is a site dedicated to bringing Congressional Research Service Reports to the masses. I used to work in Congress, and I can say that CRS has excellent researchers and writers on just about anything you can think of.

Cool Site

This is just a really cool site about animals. Lots of information and very educational.

Amur Leopard Shot, Species Close to Extinction

This is sad. One of the few remaining female Amur Leopards was shot and killed in the Russian Far East.

Hamster Powered Paper Shredder

This is just too funny.

Japanese Patch Measures Pet Stress

I don't know about you, but our cats get pretty stressed out after waking up from a 20 hour nap.

Ebola and Primates

Here is a good article about the threat of Ebola to gorillas and chimpanzees.,9171,1615177,00.html

"Culling" and the Rights of Animals

Here is an interesting article about the dilemma of animal overpopulation vs the right of animals to live.

Dog and Cat Fur in China

Here is a blog post about efforts to curtail the use of dog and cat fur in China. They make blankets out of dogs and cats? Yeck.

Court Blocks US Govt Attempt to Ease Dolphin Safe Tuna Restrictions

Why am I not suprised? Is there any environmental law these people won't screw with?

Sony Uses Dead Goat to Promote Video Game

This is odd...,2933,269087,00.html

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good News About Gorillas

Looks like they are making a comeback in some parts of Africa.

Animal Testing for Cosmetics in Europe to be Phased Out

It looks like Europe may ban animal testing for cosmetics soon.

Contaminated Pet Food

Looks like they are getting close to figuring out what's been causing the deaths from contaminated food.

PETA on journalistic style

PETA sounds off on how journalists write about animals

Using Dolphins and Sea Lions in the Navy

Here is an article about using dolphins and sea lions for security in the Navy.

Polar Bears and ESA

Here is a comprehensive report about polar bears and the Endangered Species Act by the Congressional Research Service.

Primarily Primates

Here's a good blog post (with lottsa links) on the Primarily Primates settlement in Texas.

Puppies vs Rats

Here is an interesting article about animal cruelty law and the relative "cuteness" of the animals in question.


500 animals found in car?

Michael Vick dogfighting story

Interesting story involving NFL quarterback Michael Vick and dog fighting on his property.
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