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Monday, January 21, 2008

SPCA Action over South African Puppy Sale

The SPCA staff in South Africa is not kidding about illegal breeding and puppy sales. No incident is too small.

Three men have been released from police custody with a warning after selling puppies packed into a shoebox in Tokai. The incident comes after the SPCA called for harsh penalties to be imposed on people caught breeding dogs without a permit.

SPCA trainee inspector Moyo Mqabuko said he had been alerted on Sunday night by a member of the public and had responded immediately. He found the men trying to sell a litter of seven puppies in a shoebox, outside a restaurant.

Mqabuko said the puppies were shivering and had no water or food. He demanded that the men give up the puppies in accordance with the Animal Protection Act. "They refused, which is when I contacted the police," he said.

Photo by animalrescueblog.

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