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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

India Launches Anti-Poaching Task Force

India has some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world. This and many other factors (like not enough money to battle this lucrative trade) means they have a tough fight. But they try to do what they can.

India has opened a national wildlife crime control bureau to curb poaching of tigers and other endangered species, officials said Wednesday. The federal forests ministry said the agency, a multi-disciplinary force comprising of experts from the police, environmental agencies and revenue department, will aim to "reduce the demand for wildlife and its products."

"The bureau would also aim to strengthen the enforcement at international trade exit points since the major demand for the wildlife and its products lies in overseas markets," said Forests Ministry spokeswoman Kalpna Palkiwala.

"It is also mandated to advise policy changes, based on the information or data on wildlife crime," she said, adding that the announcement for the opening of the bureau was made on Tuesday evening.

Besides tigers, the anti-poaching force would help check smuggling activities of endangered species like leopards and Tibetan antelopes as well as endangered medicinal plants and herbs.

Photo by Babasteve

PS Go look at Babasteve's other pictures. The guy is amazing.

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