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Thursday, January 31, 2008

British Animal Abuser Goes to Jail-Again

This guy Roger Baker is a real bastard. He was just jailed for two six-month prison terms and may lose his home (good!). He's already received 12 jail sentences over the past 35 years for animal cruelty and violence towards Government officers and the police.

The most recent incident involves a pair of rams that were so badly infected with maggots that they had to be destroyed. Lots of other animals in the past also had to be put down due to their extreme suffering.

And get this.....

He was also jailed for holding Defra vet Susan Potter face-down in mud and manure, nearly drowning her, and attacking Cornwall County Council animal health inspector Jonathan McCulloch when they visited his site in February 2002.

What a bastard.

His barrister had asked for him to be given a suspended sentence or community service, but chair of the bench at Truro Magistrates' Court, Ian Hope, told him: "We have studied your long list of previous convictions which are of an abhorrent nature and make for truly appalling reading.

"We feel we have no choice but to impose the maximum sentence at our disposal."

Baker plans to appeal, of course.

Why is this bastard allowed to keep owning animals? Because the law didn't prevent him from doing so....until now.

...officials believe the new Animal Welfare Act 2006, which came into affect last year - too late to cover Baker's offences - will close a loophole which has allowed his cruelty to carry on because lifetime bans from keeping animals under the previous Protection of Animals Act 1911 did not exclude him from other activities, including owning, transporting or caring for animals. Under the new act - previously known as the Baker Bill, after the offending farmer - abusers can be banned from 'owning or looking after animals and either dealing or transporting animals'.

We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

They should be able to hang the fucker. Well hopefully someone who's not afraid to stand up for the animal will track him down and finish the job.

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