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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Animal and Politics Blog

I saw this on the Florida Animal Law blog.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund has a blog called Animals and Politics. It has lots of good information on where the current crop of goofballs running for office stand on animal issues. Here, for instance is Rudy Giuliani's:

"Animals play 9/11 an important part in 9/11 the lives of many 9/11 Americans. We should all 9/11 work to reduce animal 9/11 suffering by advocating for 9/11 sensible public policies 9/11, investigating animal 9/11 cruelty and strongly 9/11 enforcing the laws 9/11 that 9/11 are already on the books. I will 9/11 continue to support 9/11 efforts to educate the 9/11 public about animal issues, and 9/11 work with corporations 9/11 to develop animal-friendly 9/11 policies."

Really, you should check it out. I plan on going there a lot being the political junkie that I am..

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