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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nuremberg Zoo Saves One Bear Cub

No, this isn't one of the 2 that were in danger. They let those 2 cubs die and get eaten by the mother. There was another bear Vera, who also had cubs. She was a decent mother, but had been disturbed by a cameraman recently.

In Nuremberg, the four-week-old cub's mother Vera had begun to act strangely after being disturbed by a cameraman who climbed a fence to film the bears in the man-made cave where the birth took place, the city council's press service said.

The intrusion had "probably made Vera feel that she had no secure habitat" for her cub, it added. She had begun to pace endlessly around her enclosure carrying the cub in her jaws.

After the cub was separated, vets said it was strong and healthy and had been "brought up very well" by its mother before she became disturbed, the statement said.

The zoo has faced criticism for failing to intervene to help the other two cubs, re-opening a debate on whether cubs rejected by their mothers should be saved or whether nature should be allowed to take its course.

There is nothing "natural" about a zoo. This is like starving a human baby and saying, "well that's nature for you".

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