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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Aussie Enviros Call for Wild Horse Killing

Another example of the conflict between the rights of the individual animal and the perceived need to manage its species.

Environmentalists called Wednesday for hundreds of wild horses to be shot dead to prevent a unique Australian national park becoming a "horse paddock," with little room for native species.

Around 1,700 feral horses -- known in Australia as 'brumbies' -- have caused havoc in the Kosciuszko National Park, according to the National Parks Association of New South Wales state.

They are increasing in numbers by as much as 300 a year, the conservation group said, but the state has banned shooting of the animals from helicopters, widely considered the most effective way of controlling them....

The association suggests culling more than 1,000 horses in the first year, with most of those left killed in the second year to stop the population growing again through breeding.

Photo by Dr Snafu.


Anonymous said...

At a time when the world is crying because of the high cost and shortage of petroleum, when the environment is crying because man's intervention has caused high contamination, the question is why are we killing that which helps the environment and provides man a solution to the high tec problems instead of harnessing the horsepower as we used to do. Surely we are insane.

Anonymous said...

why do they kill horses if i am a veggie and i dont like horses but still it makes me cry when they shot one

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