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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Native Dog Breeds at Risk in UK

Looks like fancy foreign breeds are taking the place of native breeds.

Registrations of certain traditional British dogs, such as the fox terrier, have been dropping as their foreign breeds grow in popularity.

The fox terrier is one such dog which now features on the Kennel Club's list of native vulnerable breeds.

Hugely popular before the Second World War, registrations of the breed have dropped, by nearly 100 in the past two years, to a level that is only a fraction of the figure of 60 years ago.

The Kennel Club's list, first produced in 2003, records all British breeds which have less than 300 puppy registrations each year. This is thought to be the minimum the breed needs to maintain it.

The Kennel Club aims to highlight the plight of these native breeds in order to raise awareness of the joys of owning these dogs.

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