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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toyota Opposes Japanese Whaling

Good for Toyota.

The company's stance was revealed in a letter sent to a Napier woman who has proposed a boycott of Japanese products to oppose the slaughter of whales.

Raewyn Sceats wrote to the Japanese embassy in Wellington and Toyota New Zealand protesting against the slaughter of the whales.

"The way Japan cruelly attacks and kills these beautiful animals is a disgrace to the human race," she said in the letters.

"I was planning this year to replace my Toyota Celica with a Toyota Prius, and have always been a huge promoter of Japanese cars. But I will NOT be buying any Japanese-made car or any other Japanese product until Japan stops whaling.

"I am just one person boycotting Japan, but I'm sure there will be many others doing the same. So think on! Shame on you Japan!" Mrs Sceats said.

She had received no reply from the embassy yesterday, but a Toyota New Zealand employee had answered her letter.

"We can certainly understand your stance given the comments you have outlined in your letter," customer dialogue centre representative Melissa Lamont wrote.

"Please be assured that Toyota New Zealand and Toyota Motor Corporation Japan do not condone whaling for commercial, scientific or research purposes."

Photo by Alan-D

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