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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Huckabee's Boy Scout Son Tortures Dog to Death in 1998

So what kind of values does Mike Huckabee teach his kids? His son was thrown out of Boy Scout camp in 1998 for catching a stray dog, hanging it, slitting it's throat and then throwing rocks at it. Real nice.

Yes, you can't necessarily hold the father guilty for what the son does. But, it takes a seriously screwed up value system to do something like this. And remember, Huckabee voters are the "value" voters because they are so much better at raising their families. At the time, Mike Huckabee denied the charge and claimed it was "political". Spare the rod there, Mike?

Oh, and David Huckabee also likes to try to take guns through airport security. Faux News has the story here, and also references the dog killing at the very end of the article which is why I bother to linking to it.

And, I don't know if he's still single, but here's a picture of him for you ladies...


T.A. Ragsdale said...

I didn't realize that kids had to be taught to do stupid things.

Is this the best the character assassins can do?

Anonymous said...

Umm. . . that's not a merely stupid act. It's an immoral, cruel one and does demonstrate that the family was not functioning as it should. I knew better than to do something like that by the time I was 5 thanks to parents who taught me biblical truth. "Preacher" Mike apparantly didn't do that. Since he is running on his moral creds this is fair game.

Anonymous said...

Tim, you're kidding us, right?

Anonymous said...

What was his involvement? Did he do it? Know about it? What? You idiots get half fact/half baked stories about someone and profess them to be gospel.

Unknown said...

Dear JWH: His involvement was he tried to cover it up. He said the "accusations" were political. He intervened and stopped the state police investigation. A crime was committed and he used his power as governor to keep the criminal (his son) from being prosecuted. This shows lack of honesty, lack of morals, lack of character, and lack of just plain having the sense to do what's right.

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