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Friday, December 14, 2007

Taiwan Passes Tougher Law on Animal Abuse

Taiwan has overhauled the Animal Protection Act to toughen penalties for animal abuse. I'm glad they've finally done it. I had read a bit in the past that this was in the works.

According to the amendment, anyone who abuses or causes serious harm to animals or kills a dog or cat may be fined between NT$100,000 and NT$500,000 -- double the fine before the bill was passed. Photographs and names of violators may be published as part of the punishment.

Ah, nothing like a little shame. I think that will actually be pretty good deterrent (as will the monetary penalties). But, they still have a ways to go. There are a lot of other provisions outlined in the full Taipei Times article.

Photo by Jimg944

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Monie said...

I am so proud of Taiwan passing a tougher law to protect animals from animal abuse. You guys rock!!! Now we need to get China, Korea, and Vietnam to do the same. I have faith that Asia will do the right thing. All we have to do is keep pleading with their governments. I will do all I can to help end the abuses in Asia, by campaigning and getting involved with others in the fight against animal cruelty. I AM SO PROUD OF TIAWAN!!! I applaud your country for this big step. AWESOME!!!!

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