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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Helmsley's Canine Heir Receives Death Threats

What an odd story.

Trouble, a white Maltese who belonged to billionaire Leona Helmsley until her death in August, was flown by private jet under tight security two months ago after receiving around 20 such threats, the New York Post reported.

It said the rich bitch was now living at an undisclosed location in Florida, a favorite with retirees escaping the winter, without naming its sources.

The paper did not say who was suspected of being behind the threats, but Trouble is said to have earned countless enemies due to a penchant for biting.

....When Trouble dies, any remaining money from her trust will go to the charitable foundations that inherited the lion's share of Helmsley's estimated four-billion-dollar estate.

I guess one could argue that it's a waste for all that money to go to a dog, even temporarily. But then again, the dog is probably using it more wisely than Paris Hilton will with her millions. Now, THAT will probably be a waste.

Photo by Cocktailia.

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