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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cyclone in Bangladesh Wreaks Havoc on Livestock and Fisheries

Cyclone Sidr has caused widespread death and destruction
to livestock and to the fishing industry in Bangladesh.

One thing to note in reading articles from places like India and Bangladesh is the numbering system is a little unique. A Lakh is equal to 10,000, and a Crore is equal to 10 million (or 100 lakh).

4 districts in the coastal area had 10,000 cattle and 22 million chickens killed. According to FAO, a total of 350,000 cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goats have been killed.

In addition, the aquaculture (shrimp farming) industry has had significant damage, including the loss of 5000 shrimp enclosures.

Photo by Steve Evans

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