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Monday, December 17, 2007

China Testing Humane Slaughter Methods

It's about time....but I wonder where the pressure for change came from?

Henan is set to become the first province in the country to introduce humane methods for killing animals as part of new national guidelines on animal slaughter.

The province has been chosen to conduct the pilot phase of a plan to enhance animal welfare, the Zhengzhou-based Henan Commercial News reported yesterday.

Under a new code of practice for the humane killing of animals, affecting mainly pigs during the trial, the beasts should be treated as painlessly as possible before being slaughtered.

The slaughtering of pigs is currently carried out under old guidelines that include showering and knocking out the hogs before slaughter.

The new standard includes shortening the interval between knocking the pigs out and killing them to 15 seconds, from 30 seconds previously, to lessen the pain felt by the animals.

The authorities said it will punish those who carry out inhumane practices such as killing the pigs when they are still conscious.

Starting next year, training on humane killing methods will be carried out in more than 20,000 commercial slaughterhouses across the country.

Photo by benketaro.

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