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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Few Big Donors for Animal Welfare Causes

This article highlights some wealthy LA residents who actually donate big dollars to animal welfare causes. According to the article, it's really hard to get large donations for really good causes.

It is difficult to quantify the amount of money given to myriad animal causes. Philanthropy watchers say Americans gave $295 billion in cash donations to U.S. charities last year. About 2 percent of all giving goes to animal causes, estimates Merritt Clifton, editor of the Animal People newspaper and the annual Watchdog Report on Animal Protection Charities.

As for the age-old argument about giving to people instead of animals....

Spending on animal-rights issues invites criticism from some people who believe that charity should go to humans.

"Sometimes you feel like you have to defend yourself," philanthropist Cheri Shankar said. "I'm not a misanthrope. There's just a deficiency when it comes to dealing with all the animal abuse and killing. And it may be easier to solve this problem than to solve world hunger."

Photo by groovehouse.

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