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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friends of Animals Op-Ed Generates Anger

Here is an Op-Ed about Primarily Primates, a Texas sanctuary, written for the Hartford Courant by Lee Hall. The Op-Ed advocates the return to Primarily Primates of several chimps removed to Chimp Haven after the State of Texas took over the sanctuary. The State of Texas took over the sanctuary due to inhumane conditions and improper financial management. It then returned the sanctuary to some of the previous board members' management, but now with the sanctuary being part of FRIENDS OF ANIMALS, a Connecticut advocacy group.

Per the end of the article, Lee Hall is the an author of a model case for the personhood of nonhuman primates in the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal and legal director for the Connecticut advocacy group FRIENDS OF ANIMALS. Not an impartial observer I would say.

I direct you to this article more for the comments than for the article itself. There is a lot of anger out there on both sides. Opponents of returning the sanctuary to current management are angry at the State of Texas and Friends of Animals. Supporters of Friends of Animals think this was all a big stink created by PETA. I'm no fan of PETA, but there are independent witnesses that corroborate its findings.

Anyway, I would direct you to review the 25+ comments on this article and see what you think. I myself have withheld my membership renewal to the Jane Goodall Foundation until I find out what exactly their role was in this mess.

Photo by skoop102.

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