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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Monks to Shut Down Egg Operations Due to Pressure from PETA

I wasn't sure what to think here at first.. I thought why are they going after a bunch of Trappist monks? From the article:

One letter to the editor earlier this year, from Wadmalaw resident Celeste Albers, was particularly informative. Ms. Albers raises free-range chickens for eggs and described herself as a "green grocer." She addressed the specific complaints raised by PETA in its campaign, writing:

"I have known the monks for 12 years and am familiar with their operation. I know them to be caring and responsible people, and hardworking and honest. They would never deliberately mistreat one of God's creatures ...

"The monks collect the eggs by hand, wash, inspect, grade and pack them. The monks grind and mix the feed on site from local corn and soybeans. They interact with the hens daily. In today's largest egg operations, a human being almost never enters the hen house and the eggs are handled by machine. has a different perspective, and a good video too. It looks like a factory farm to me. Chickens packed in 4 to a tiny cage. Some were left dying on the floor with broken legs.

Mepkin Abbey is a Christian (Trappist) monastery in South Carolina that runs an egg factory farm to make money. In January 2007, a PETA investigation found that the abbey’s hens endure constant abuse for almost two years before they are killed. The abuse is so awful it would warrant felony cruelty-to-animals charges if dogs or cats were the victims.

Here's that PETA video:


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask whether you actually did any more investigations of these claims, other than what PETA shoved under your nose. Have you been to Mepkin Abbey? Have you been in their chicken houses? I have. PETA's claims infuriate me. If you ever do meet Abbott Stan, you will realize that these are wonderful men that would NEVER purposely hurt one of God's creatures and they love these chickens. These chickens are not "mistreated". The big egg producers do much, much worse. Celeste Albers has much more authority on this subject than you, or anyone, does. Next time, do me a favor and do just a little more research.

mrbarky said...

What's with the hostility? I'd hardly call this a one sided hatchet job. I quoted Celeste Albers saying nice things about the abbey. Is that not good enough for you?

You can take the PETA video for what it's worth. But they HAVE been in their chicken houses.

The whole point of this post was to note that the abbey was being shut down due to pressure from PETA. People can judge for themselves whether it's right or wrong.

I don't mind mixing it up from time to time, but this post is hardly a rant against the abbey.

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