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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Puerto Rico Vows to Improve Treatment of Animals

They've found that throwing dogs and cats off bridges is bad for the tourism.

Puerto Rican officials launched a campaign Tuesday to improve the treatment of animals after allegations of inhumane killings of cats and dogs drew international condemnation and led to millions of dollars in lost tourism.

The island will build new shelters and create animal protection units within every police department, said Terestella Gonzalez Denton, executive director of the island's tourism department.

"We want to tell the world that Puerto Rico is a civilized society," she said.

Dozens of pets were seized in October from housing projects and hurled from a bridge to their deaths. An investigation by The Associated Press later showed that such inhumane methods of killing pets and stray animals were routine, with thousands of animals brutally slain.

I wish them well. I think they have a long tough road ahead. They have a lot of stray animals, and those shelters will probably fill up fast. This will take a combination of education for the population at large, and some sort of program to reduce the number of strays (such as catch-spay/neuter-release).

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