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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shark-Finning Incident in New Zealand

How awful.

The Conservation Department has condemned the cruel practice of live shark finning after around 30 sand sharks - some still alive - were found dumped in waters off Nelson.

DOC Abel Tasman ranger Stu Houston came across a fishing boat in park waters on Tuesday, which had caught the 1m sand sharks and cut off their fins, throwing the mutilated sharks over the side.

Some were still alive.

It is LEGAL TO CATCH SHARKS FOR THEIR FINS IN NEW ZEALAND {CN emphasis} though under the Animal Welfare Act they must be dead when thrown overboard.

{Ranger Stu Houston} Mr Houston said that if people knew the practice was legal they would be appalled. "Is that what we do in New Zealand?"

Yep, he's right.

Photo by amysahba.

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