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Monday, December 3, 2007

Japanese Whalers "Stepping up Their Defenses"

What's this? Are the hunters now the hunted? They are allegedly using radio silence to carry out their super stealthy whale "research" project.

Its last hunt ended in chaos. One whaler died, fire disabled a ship, and protesters had a high-seas field day, shooting smoke canisters onto the fleet's flagship and playing cat-and-mouse with its vessels, all in the pristine and normally serene waters of the Antarctic.

With Japan's whaling fleet once again on its way to the Southern Ocean for its annual hunt, officials are concerned of another showdown — and the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has vowed to do whatever it must to stop what it calls the "Cetacean Death Star."

"We have stepped up measures to defend ourselves from possible attacks, although we cannot disclose any details," Hideki Moronuki, the head of the whaling division at Japan's Fisheries Agency, said Monday. "We consider any use of force to stop our legally valid activity as terrorism, and we do not tolerate it."

Photo by Woowoowoo

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