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Sunday, December 2, 2007

They Round Up Stray Cattle In Sri Lanka With Frickin' Lasers

I thought this was an odd story from the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka.

Veterinarians who launched ‘Operation Cattle’ around the camp have found that this variety of semi-wild cattle who wander into the camp have special genes and were resistant to disease. According to Dr. Basil Alexander of the Faculty this aspect needs further investigation.

Dr. Alexander who took up the challenge using the latest laser gun has now captured around 70 head of cattle and handed them over to the NLDB. Dr.Alexander said these cattle who had withstood the climatic conditions and were resistant to disease need genetic upgrading.

The captured cattle were transported under the ‘Kiri Aruna’ programme with the assistance of Dr. C. Pathirage of the NLDB.

Not much more detail on how the laser was used or if the captured cattle were transported with some sort of beaming technology.

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