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Sunday, December 30, 2007

SF Zoo has History of Problems

According to the Chronicle, the SF Zoo has a long history of morale problems and other issues.

A koala is kidnapped. Sheep are molested by a human intruder. An elephant does a headstand on a technician, breaking her pelvis. A tiger ravages its keeper's arm. A year later, on Christmas Day, the same feline escapes, kills and gets killed.

This is what life can be like at the San Francisco Zoo, a 78-year-old institution saddled with a history of mismanagement and scores of injuries to animals, employees and visitors alike - yet still beloved by generations of Bay Area residents.

I think someone needs to step in and do something. It sounds like zoo director Manuel Mollinedo is a big part of the problem.

Since Mollinedo took over, there has been a steady exodus of employees, including the deputy director, education director, two successive public relations managers, development director, curator of birds, marketing manager, events director, human resources manager, general manager of concessions and a number of veteran keepers.

Photo by Christopher van Belle

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