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Monday, December 31, 2007

Shopping at an Asian Supermarket in Seattle

I don't eat meat or fish and sometimes shopping can be a little tricky depending on where you shop. I find that the best places to shop for tofu, soy and other meat and dairy substitute products is at Asian supermarkets. Great variety, great prices. But I tend to avoid them because sometimes the meat they do sell is, well, kind of against my principles.

Well, yesterday, we happened across a great Asian supermarket with affordable, tasty food and I was really enjoying the shopping experience....and what do I see as I round the corner with a cartload of food?

LIVE LOBSTERS! LIVE CRAB! and LIVE TILAPIA! There was some more live stuff, but I couldn't bear to look.

Well, I'm no hero. I went ahead and paid for the groceries and scuttled my way out of there without looking back. Even though I didn't buy an animal product, I still felt like scum.

Happy New Year to me.

Photo by latoyajnb.

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