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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Food Ethics Becoming Issue for NZ Exporters

We posted an article last week about how consumer demand for free-range eggs is lagging in Canada. However, don't lose hope. Animal welfare is still an emerging force in the demand for ethical products.

For example, as this article states, animal welfare and environmental impact are issues that NZ exporters are already being warned about.

Once-foreign phrases such as carbon footprint, food miles and traceability are now a common language, albeit still an inexact science, as well as challenges for exporters.

Lincoln University academic Caroline Saunders warns that unless NZ embraces these new standards, exporters risk being shut out of affluent paying markets.

She believes New Zealand has three years to act before exporters start losing market advantage to countries that are addressing these new standards such as South America, Australia and China.

"We should embrace them. It means we can get much higher premiums for our products. We have no choice."

Photo by Schooner Maggie B.

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