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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mulesing Controversy in Australia

Here's an in-depth article about the practice of mulesing sheep in Australia. The practice has received much criticism.

It refers to the slicing of a patch of skin from the rear of Australian merino sheep to prevent flystrike. Often done without anaesthetic - due to reasons such as cost and previous unavailability - the procedure is aimed at removing permanently the wrinkly skin that otherwise becomes a moist haven for blowflies to lay eggs.


Photo by ariehsinger.


Farmer Savealamb said...

As a farmer in Australia I can assure you the issues are far from simple.
Perhaps you should look at my site -
I would be interested in anythoughts.

Unknown said...

I would encourage everyone to read Farmer Savealamb's blog. The violent reaction I am seeing in the States against farmers who mules their lambs (though caused by an understandable concern for animal welfare) appears to have gotten off on the wrong foot, and may be hurting more animals than it helps.

mrbarky said...

OK. I posted a link to his page on the main site as well.

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