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Sunday, March 9, 2008

People Keep Wearing Fur

After all the public education campaigns and media exposure, people are still wearing furs. In fact, thanks to China and Russia, the purchase of furs is actually increasing.

According to the International Fur Trade Association, retail sales of fur hit $13.49 billion in 2006, growing 5.6 per cent from the year before.

In mid-February, pelt prices reached record highs at auction in Seattle on the back of a cold winter, according to Everest.

The uses of fur have expanded, experts say, and growing sales of luxury goods worldwide has also helped fur sales. But the key factor in the growth trend has been the emergence of Russia and China as major fur markets.

Zilberkweit estimates that Russia accounts for about 40 per cent of fur sales and China makes up about 30 per cent.

It's frustrating to me. I understand that there are parts of the world, like China and Russia, where there are weak animal rights movements and awareness is lagging. But there are other parts of the world where people are sick of knowing about the cruelties of the fur trade. Perhaps it's because of the fashion designers who are using fur, or perhaps it's because of the displays of shallow fur-wearing celebrities like Beyonce. Fundamentally, thought, people should know better and I get the impression that they do. They just don't care.

What a vain bunch of idiots we are as a species.

Photo by ezraitaly.

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