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Sunday, March 2, 2008

300,000 Cattle Dead in Afghanistan Due to Cold Weather

300,000 animals have died in Afghanistan since December. That's a lot for any country.

Extreme cold has devastated the Afghan livestock sector, killing over 3,00,000 animals since late December and seriously affecting livelihoods, a new United Nations report said.

High prices for fuel, vegetable oil and cereals are compounding the vulnerability of poor households, reducing their access to food, it added.

The harshest winter weather conditions in nearly 30 years have killed over 800 people, and many others, notably shepherds and their families, have suffered severe frostbite, requiring disabling amputation, the report by Food and Agriculture (FAO) said.

Too bad the US is spending 275 million per day in Iraq. Think of how many heated barns (not to mention houses that could be bought with a single day's expenditures.

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