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Monday, March 31, 2008

Bloodless Bullfighting in California

Growing up in California, I always heard about the bullfights associated with the religious "festa." I went to one as a senior in high school in an arena outside of Gustine. There were Portuguese, Mexican and Portuguese-American matadors. The one I attended had "spikes" for the bulls, but they attached to the bull by what appeared to be velcro. The bull and the matador would go through their artistic dance and then at the end, a bunch of cows were released into the arena to herd the bull back inside.

No blood, no guts. And one could appreciate the artistry of the match. And, yes, someone could still get hurt. That's one heavy bull. And the bull is symbolically "emasculated" because he is technically beaten by the matador. But he's alive.

Apparently, this bloodless bullfighting in the Portuguese community of California is starting to rise in popularity. Last summer, there was an article in the San Francisco Chronicle and another in the LA Times.

Here are links to Rancho Cardoso which is heavily involved in the promotion of the activity as well as breeding the bulls.

I'm not into any kind of tormenting of animals, of course, but I'm the first to admit that the dance of a matador and a bull is long as there is no blood and no killing. And careful regulation of course.

But as for killing...judging by the California practice, that can definitely be left OUT of bullfighting.

Photo by amenfoto.

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