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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WWF Warns of Mass Baby Seal Deaths Due to Global Warming

The WWF is warning that baby seals in the Baltic might face starvation due to global warming.

According to a Monday warning by the environmental lobbying group WWF, hundreds of baby ringed seals born this winter could die in coming weeks due to lack of food or from cold because there is not enough snow and ice in the Baltic Sea.

"The situation is dramatic," Cathrin M√ľnster, of the WWF's Baltic office, warned Monday in a statement. "It could turn out that not one of the seal babies born in the last few weeks will survive."

Seal mothers usually create deep burrows in the snow to protect their young. With those burrows now melting too early, the young pups are forced into the icy waters before they have built up protective layers of fat. They are also too young to defend themselves against predators like foxes and eagles.

That's sad. And I'm not sure if there is much we can do.

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