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Friday, March 21, 2008

More on Berlin Zoo - Allegations They Sold Animals for Chinese Medicine

Here is more on the Berlin Zoo selling animals from profit. Berliners are rightfully upset about this. If guilty, I hope this guy goes to jail.

The allegations are a public relations disaster for the zoo following a huge rise in its profile over the past year with the celebrity of the polar bear Knut, the cub abandoned by its mother to be raised by human hand. Knut has turned the zoo into Berlin's biggest tourist attraction and earned it £6 million.

Claudia Haemmerling, a member of the Berlin parliament and an expert on animal rights, filed the criminal complaint which also includes further allegations that the zoo bred "bastard" cross-breeds of a panther and a Java leopard which were sold along with tigers and jaguars to China where they ended up on the shelves of traditional medicine stores marketed as "impotency cures."

What is it with the Chinese and their impotence cures? I would think they would have developed a Viagra knockoff by now. Oh wait, they've already done that.

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