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Monday, March 10, 2008

Canada to Kill 275,000 Harp Seals

Canada has set a quota of 275,000 harp seals that will be clubbed or shot. This despite a large outcry from environmental groups. They have, however, adopted new "humane" slaughter methods. Club it, check if it's dead, and then slit an artery if they aren't. That last part is their new innovation. Real nice.

Hunters will be allowed to kill 275,000 young harp seals on the ice floes off eastern Canada this year, the government said on Monday, a number that animal rights activists said was totally unsustainable.

The quota is slightly more than last year's 270,000, when ice conditions were poor, but considerably below the 335,000 set in 2006.

Phil Jenkins, a spokesman for the Fisheries and Oceans Department, dismissed suggestions that the harp seal herd was in danger of shrinking.

"The seal herd is healthy and abundant right now at about 5.5 million animals. We want to see it continue to be healthy and so over the years we have brought back the total allowable catch," he said.

Photo by Yeimaya

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