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Monday, March 17, 2008

NYC Horse-Drawn Carriages Draw PETA's Fire

I'm not always a fan of PETA and their philosophies, but there are some campaigns I strongly support. I am no fan of horse-drawn carriages and I would like to see the practice end.

Here in Seattle, horse-drawn carriages and their working horses were not even inspected until the last year. A few weeks ago, one of the owners was arrested for neglected horses on his property. He had been allegedly seen trotting a horse and carriage up a steep hill downtown.

Trotting? That's cruel.

Even if all owners are wonderful, it seems unfair to place these animals in dangerous situations, vulnerable to cars, harassment, and poor weather conditions.

Anyway, here's PETA going after the most famous carriage city, New York.

Photo by CCintheSouth.


Anonymous said...

Horse Drawn Carriages need to stop. Horse should not be forced to pull people around. Even though they do bring much joy to people, a poor horse is pulling around people in a loud, noisy city with car fumes. That is not so enjoyable

Anonymous said...

Yes horse drawn carriages must be completely banned. Horses need a quality life just as much as any other living thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I think you are missing the point. Horses like to have a purpose and they have been domesticated over thousands of years to do what they do. They worked in battle, mines, carriages, riding, showing, hunting, etc, etc. They are loved by their owners and they are healthy in NYC. There has NEVER been an animal cruelty violation against them EVER in over 100 years. and they are one of the most regulated industries in NYC (5 agencies). The animal rights agenda on this cause has always been about money-they make millions telling lies and myths about the business every year-fact. The business is currently researching a lawsuit that sues more than a dozen groups and individuals for slander and libel. This would not be possible if the things these folks were saying were actually true. No lawyer would take on this case pro bono if the animal rights groups were telling the truth. Also, please take into account all the mounted horses in NYC-why doesnt anyone have a problem with them? Seems biased and ridiculous to be honest!

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