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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bullfighting World Promotes Boy Matador

So, there's this 10-year-old Spanish boy being allowed to fight in bull rings in Mexico and Peru. He has scars from being gored in the leg and face. He uses a cloak and sword to kill bulls, like regular matadors. Supposedly, he has fought 56 bulls, slicing off 106 ears and seven tails as trophies.

Look at this picture that I found on flickr. Is this a real bull? Looks like a little calf to me!

Either way, this is not just animal abuse, but CHILD ABUSE as well, in my opinion.

A graceful entertainer since age five, Michelito, whose full name is Michael Lagravere Peniche, works mostly in Mexico because he says he is too young to perform in Spain.

"Ever since I was young, lots of bullfighters visited my house and I went with my dad to the fights," he told reporters. "That's how I developed a taste for bullfighting."

Over the weekend, Michelito defeated four bulls at Lima's bullring, considered the oldest in the Americas, after a young Peruvian matador he was supposed to compete against pulled out because of an illness.

Photo by Vladimir TerĂ¡n.

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