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Monday, March 10, 2008

Seattle Columnist Points Out that ALL Torture is Bad

I really like Robert Jamieson Jr., a columnist with the Seattle P-I. I may not always agree with what he says, but he is always thoughtful and fair.

A lab at the University of Washington is under investigation for animal cruelty by the National Institutes of Health. PETA complained to the NIH, which reopened an investigation and found that "instead of one researcher and three monkeys subjected to too many experimental surgeries there were 14 monkeys, five UW researchers and 41 unauthorized surgeries".

Last week, about 100 people protested in front of the building where the experiments are occurring.

Robert Jamiesen laments the fact that the same amount of attention is not paid to cruelty against humans (this common opinion is unfathomable to me.) But I appreciate his closing remarks.

The UW maintains there was no cover-up.

Then again, dead monkeys tell no tales.

I don't agree with animal rights folks on everything. Some research is necessary to ensure the safety of drugs for human use, but science must occur within guidelines. This is why the UW is in hot water. Rules are rules.

Animals shouldn't be unnecessarily or unlawfully tortured in the name of science.

Just like human beings shouldn't be unnecessarily or unlawfully tortured in the name of war.

Walking away from the protest, I wondered about the thin line between animal abuse and people abuse.

Both types of torture are wrong -- both warrant protests.

Photo by kweervegan.

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