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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PETA vs Best Friends: Death and Life for Rescued Animals

PETA can't kill rescued dogs fast enough. Best Friends prefers to rehabilitate and rescue animals. The NY Times has the story on how the Vick case has divided them.

They all love the animals, but can’t seem to get along with each other.

The divide surfaced in the aftermath of the Vick trial when the judge, Henry Hudson, ordered Vick to pay $928,073 in restitution for the “past, present and long-term care of all the dogs.” The court allocated $5,000 for dogs deemed likely to be adopted, and $18,275 for each of the dogs going into longer-term or lifetime sanctuary care.

PETA argued that dogs trained for fighting should be destroyed because they are unsafe and unserviceable. PETA said the Vick money would have been better spent spaying and neutering, as well as providing care for more suitable and less well-known adoption candidates.

The folks at Best Friends Animal Society argued that the fighting dogs had been forced to lead brutal lives and should not receive death sentences.

There are more groups then Best Friends that would prefer to save animals. They just happen to be one of the larger ones.

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