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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Park Chief Arrested in Gorilla Killings in Congo

This is a shocking development.

It was a gorilla massacre that shocked the world. Among the victims: the majestic silverback Senkekwe, his body riddled with gunshot wounds after a brutal execution; a female named Mburanumwe, killed with her unborn baby inside; and another, Safari, burnt to a cinder.

The rangers of Congo's Virunga National Park who bore the corpses of the rare apes on stretchers to be buried were visibly shaken by the wretched crime. Now it seems that some of them may have orchestrated the slaughter.

Honore Mashagiro, director of the park at the time of last year's atrocities, was arrested yesterday at his home in the eastern town of Goma on suspicion of arranging the killing of the endangered gorillas. Another six foresters are expected to be questioned in the coming days about trapping and killing the apes on the director's orders.

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Anonymous said...

How can be so that the park ranger, who suppose to be a guard for gorillas help to kill them?
I think that National Socaiety for the Protection of Animals
must take an action to protect a very rare animals.
Same story happened last year in Zambia where two poachers killed
last 2 white Rhions in Natural park.

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