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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Zealand SPCA in Financial Trouble

The SPCA in New Zealand is in financial trouble and it is having to euthanize animals it does not have the resources to care for.

The organisation put down 29,484 of the 59,654 animals they received in 2006, SPCA chief executive Robyn Kippenberger said. About five per cent of them were healthy.

Ms Kippenberger said most branches had a policy of providing board for animals for as long as it took to find a home for them, but it was ultimately dependent on the ability of the SPCA to care for them.

"What most shelters try to do is to offset that (euthanasia) by holding as many animals as they possibly can and then be really active about rehoming them.

"We hold animals for seven days and then we basically make a decision."

The Gisborne branch was most recently hit by a chronic lack of resources and was in danger of closing.

Rotorua and Hamilton recently came close to closing but got past crisis point when their communities got behind them.

The SPCA receives no government funding and relies on public donations to meet costs.

What is going on in New Zealand? Why is public support of this organization decreasing?

Photo by sarichelle.

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