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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Witnesses Testify in Puerto Rico Dog Massacre

Sad testimony in the Puerto Rico dog killings where animals were thrown over a bridge to die. (Scroll down to read the story half-way down the page).

The company's owner had denied responsibility, but it looks like he lied.

The owner of an animal-control company told petowners he took responsibility in the deaths of dozens of dogs and cats that were seized from public housing projects and thrown from a bridge last year, a witness testified Tuesday.

Julio Diaz, owner of Animal Control Solutions, told an Oct. 12 meeting at the Hector Ruiz project in the town of Barceloneta that he was the "person in charge" and would fire workers for the pets' deaths, tenant Carmen Agosto said.

"He offered a pet to the children, but they said they would not take it," Agosto testified at a preliminary hearing in the animal cruelty case.

Another witness, Angelica Vargas, described the shock of seeing her dog "Yoli," one of the animals who survived the fall, on a television news broadcast after the animals were rounded up.

"I cried, because at that moment I could do nothing," she said. Yoli's back legs will need to be amputated, due to injuries he suffered when he was hurled from the bridge, she said.

Photo by smiteme.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Puerto on vacation in the month of January of 2007. I visited San Juan like most tourists, and then I went to Coamo, Santa Isabel, Aibonito, Mayaguez and other locations. I saw dogs with missing legs, eyes and just looking like they were tortured along the side of the roads. They were just looking for scraps that people ejected from there car windows and eating road kill. This Bridge massacre is not the only horror, I have been told by people that live there. I'm outraged by the lack of involvement by Puerto Rico's people and officials. I am moving to Puerto Rico with my children this year. We are going to make a difference for the animals sake.

Elizabeth Rivera

From Newfoundland Pennsylvania

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