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Friday, February 1, 2008

Calls to Stop Kosher Killings in Australia

Kosher killings of sheep in Australia are apparently being carried out against government standards for ritual slaughters.

The killings are primarily for the export market in Israel (ritual slaughter of animals for Jewish and Muslim markets requires that the animal is killed by having its throat slit.) Animal rights activists are claiming that the animal is not being stunned before it is slaughtered.

The RSPCA and Animals Australia believe that killing without any form of electrical stunning of conscious sheep is illegal under the current industry standard and have called on the minister to intervene as the practice escalates in Victoria.

The Australian standard for ritual slaughter states that animals must be electrically stunned, however exemption permits have been issued under special arrangements made under a legally disputed guideline.

It is believed abattoirs at Kyneton and Geelong last week began killing 1000 sheep each a week without stunning for kosher exports to Israel, while abattoirs at Warrnambool and Cranbourne were set to follow.

Photo by solarsunset3.

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