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Monday, February 4, 2008

More on Colorado's Hunting Ban for Lazy Cowards

Here's more on the law to ban despicable little trolls (see photo at right) from killing animals in canned hunts in Colorado.

Hunters and animal-rights advocates may not agree on many things, but they both say a hunted animal at least deserves a fair chase.

But exactly what that means, and what the state should do about it, is a source of dispute as the state Legislature considers a bill that would regulate the hunting industry.

HB1096 would ban “canned hunts,” which take place in small, fenced areas. Animals may be flushed out of hiding and directed toward hunters or lured by food.

Rep. Debbie Stafford’s bill would make it illegal to operate a facility where hunters can shoot an animal that is intentionally confined, tied, staked, caged or otherwise restrained from normal movement. That would ban canned hunts while preserving the values of a fair chase, Stafford said.

Photo by Autistic Psycho

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