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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pets are Big Business

This is something Pet Smart and other companies found out a long time ago. But, it's interesting to read about.

Mary Ann Guarino-Schlau, of Joplin, has two living rooms: one for her and one for her 14 dogs.

Guarino-Schlau’s furry “babies” have their own couch, love seat, chair, television set, radio and pillows. They are her life....

Guarino-Schlau is part of the growing population of pet owners who look at their animals as friends and family rather than property, and prove it with their checkbooks. The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association estimated that in 2007, people spent more than $40 billion on their pets nationwide. Those costs include boarding, grooming, animal purchases, medical care and food.

Animals bring us happiness. I suppose there are worse things to spend money on.

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