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Friday, February 8, 2008

By the Way, Norway is Killing Whales Too

With all the attention on the Japanese whale hunt, we forget about Norway, their partner in crime. This Nordic country is also doing its part to keep the oceans safe and sound from an exploding whale population.

Norway on Thursday authorised its whalers to harpoon 1,052 whales in the 2008 season, the same number as last year when whalers only caught half their quota.

"The quota is within an interval that researchers believe provides satisfactory security in regards to protecting the minke whale stocks," the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs said in a statement.

Apart from Iceland, Norway is the only country to authorise commercial whaling despite an international ban in place since 1986.

Japan also allows whaling, but in accordance with a loophole in the global whaling moratorium claims the culls are for research purposes only.

Norway has significantly increased its quotas in recent years, arguing that stocks of minke whales are abundant in the North Atlantic. However, whalers have consistently failed to meet their quotas since 2001.

Photo by Tor Lundgren.

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