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Sunday, February 3, 2008

UAE to Build $1 Billion Wildlife Resort

Ah here is the latest thing they can dump their oil money into, a fake environment created as a "destination resort". I'm sure it will be complete with crappy shopping mall cultural delights (which is I might add is more of an imported US cultural trait).

The multi-use property would be built in phases and the first phase is due for completion by 2010. This would include the Arabian and African Safaris, resorts, retail and residential communities with related services.

Hospitality venues will provide visitors the choice of a family hotel and luxurious 5-star resort, with easy access to themed wildlife parks. A multi-level retail area will include shopping promenades, cafes and restaurants.

The proximity to natural wildlife with the core zoo and its expanding exhibits, in addition to the themed desert safaris, would provide a centre of learning excellence and a backdrop from which to relax and contemplate animals in their natural settings, the official said.

I suppose it's no different then zoos in other countries, except on a larger scale.

Photo by Octal

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Luther IV said...

your an asshole
just because the UAE has an amazing economy (and dont say its from oil, because only 10% of its total GDP is from oil revunues) does not mean that you have to portray your anti-arab/muslim views on a innocent wildlife refuge!

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