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Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Zealander Campaigns for Japanese Whaling

Does Glenn Inwood from the Institute for Cetacean Research really believe in what's he's doing or is he just in it for the money?

What can I say? I personally find him despicable.

Glenn Inwood, the Japanese whaling industry's embattled spin doctor, has one of the toughest public relations gigs in the world: selling commercial whaling to the planet.

A former press secretary to a New Zealand cabinet minister, Mr Inwood resigned in 2000 after the Prime Minister, Helen Clark, found his connections to the whaling industry distasteful...

Drawing on his Maori heritage, he believes hunting whales is a respectable tradition. He has little respect for the Australian Government's position on whaling which, he has written, has allowed emotions to interfere with common sense and international law.

Here's an article about him. You can decide for yourself.

Photo by blather.

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Anonymous said...

If you people really care about stopping the japanese from hunting whales, then do something about it that would hurt them if they continue! Do something that would force the Japanese Government too stop the practice! BOYCOTT ALL JAPANESE GOODS until they stop whaling!

Narcistic Narwhal

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