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Monday, February 25, 2008

Groups May Take Novia Scotia to Court

More seal troubles up in Canada...

Animal rights groups say they are considering taking Nova Scotia and seal hunters to court to prevent a repeat of the grey seal hunt on Hay Island, a protected wilderness area off Cape Breton.

Officials from Humane Society International and the Atlantic Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition, which spent a couple of days observing the hunt, released pictures and video on Monday of seals being clubbed and skinned, evidence they said of a "violent slaughter."

"We want to hold the Nova Scotia government accountable so that we don't ever see this again," said society spokesperson Rebecca Aldworth.

"The fishing industry is trying to scapegoat grey seals for its own destructive fishing practices."

Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Ron Chisholm said his department was looking to protect fish species around Hay Island when he authorized a cull earlier this month.

Photo by giles.breton.

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